First snow


Soooo, it’s snowing…


What do you think ?



Queen of sheba



I know it’s a cliché to take pictures of dogs and other animals. But sometimes when you’re snapping your usual house-pet-photos, you get the most amazing photos. I loved these photos simply because of the light. When I snap photos of house pets I usually don’t think as much about the light as I would do with other photos (portraits and such), because these types of photos are just for my self and family to look at. I never intend to add a cat or a dog photo to my portfolio. But when I get these kind of pictures, I just have to share them.



Hah, yeah the title is because of the dog, it’s her name (if you got disappointed because it wasnt the Queen, or a flower 🙂 )

So, what do you think of the photos ?



Thank you!

I was really surprised when I logged in to WordPress this morning, apparently you guys broke my «likes» record!  So, thank you so much everyone 🙂

What do you think of the photo ?

– LW



Weekly Photo Challenge; Mine



Haha, me and my boyfriend went on a little «trip» the other day. You know, just drove around until I found an awesome spot to take pictures. And I guess he got bored, because he asked me to take many pictures of him and put it in one. It was very funny, except from when I was about to edit it… I don’t got Photoshop or anything on this computer, she suddenly realised with tears in her eyes. haha, but i used whatever free shit I could find and made the best out of it. 

And, you know. Since this is my boyfriend I thought it was suitable for this weeks challenge:)
(overly attached girlfriend mode activated)

Yeah I know, the editing was horrible, I could do better! But I really didn’t like the free editing softwares I found, so I just did this really quick and got over it. I might «upgrade» it some day when I get some real editing software.

What do you think of the photo ?

– LW


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