I am a proud ower of a Canon EOS 1100D SLR camera.

Yes, this is one of Canon’s «armature» cameras, but it’s still better than any other digital camera.
I have longed for a SLR camera for sooo long, and finally I got the money to buy me one! 
So it’s not much, but you got to start somewhere right? 

I am saving up money (slowly, but surely) to some more equipment so that I can start snapping mind-blowing pictures 😉

On my to-buy-list is this;

  • 60mm Macro lens
  • 14mm wide-angle (?) lens
  • 18 – 135/250 mm lens
  • remote-control (or what it’s called ?)
  • UV filter
  • Polarize filter
  • Sunprotecter-hat-thingi (I’m not very good at English words for all this stuff)
  • A flash with different angles, to put on the camera
  • And a «portable» flash I can hold up to the side or whatever
  • An awesome pink camera bag! ( I know wich one to get when I get the money)

And for those of you who are interested;

What equipment I hold in my collection;

  • Canon EOS 1100D
  • Canon 18 – 55mm
  • Canon 55 – 250 mm
  • A bag for safe keeping
  • A tiny PC to go in the bag
  • A small «gorilla» tripod
  • And a «normal sized» tripod (this one is ooold, got it from my grandpa, saving for a new one 😉 )
  • Photoshop elements 10. Don’t really care to buy CS6, I’m not that much of an editor yet.